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Rappel/séminaire MIO : Frede Thingstad, chercheur émérite au département Biosciences de l’université de Bergen (Norvège) donnera un séminaire intitulé "“Trophic controls in the microbial food web. Similarities and differences between the Arctic and the Mediterranean”

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Le mercredi 11 Juillet à 13h en amphi OCEANOMED

Résumé :

One can use simple food web models to analyse how trophic mechanisms lead to carbon- or mineral nutrient limited bacterial growth, respectively. The high degree of biological simplification in these models leaves, however, a suspicion that such models may be of more conceptual than practical value. Using experimental mesocosm data from the Arctic and observational cruise data from the Mediterranean, I will argue that both sets can be understood using the same simple food web model. While the Mediterranean microbial system seems well explained as a resource-driven system, ultimately shaped by the west-east oligotrophication gradient, the Arctic system seems best explained as a top-down driven system shaped primarily by the seasonal vertical migration pattern of large Arctic copepods.